Never Quite Black Enough


"A home for those who have spent a life of self exile on the fringe of
the Black existence, or uncomfortably quiet at the chaotic center of it . . ."

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The Memoir

An Excerpt:

"In the big picture, I was having trouble reconciling my racially required new anger at whites with my own skin color. I was not full of the requisite rage at whites, though I tried. To achieve a racial victory, there would be no room for ideological, social, or economic pluralism, just African purity, unity, and a monolithic political stance. So, once the revolutionary aims were reached, no one of a different political stripe would be tolerated. I was of a different stripe on all accounts."

"Before I could linger on that thought, we opened the big glass door, a door that suggested that a long time ago this had been a classy place. Maybe this had been the kind of theater that ran Alfred Hitchcock pictures, then went to spaghetti westerns, then slasher pics, devolving every so often, the carpet getting older, the popcorn machine not quite popping all the kernels until it was unplugged for good and the only movies played were these, that attracted lonely cab drivers, overweight old men, and unfulfilled deviants with nothing to do late at night and no one of the opposite sex to do it with. And I had just entered their world."

Never Quite Black Enough | Conrad Queen